Most advanced GameFi smart contracts and data analysis team

We have many years of experience in smart contracts analysis, professional statistical sharing tools, and enthusiasm for blockchain technology

15 years of analytical experience

We are a group of data enthusiasts, with an average of 15 years of data analysis work experience

Smart contracts analysis

With the rapid growth of the GameFi market, the security of smart contracts is crucial.

Powerful software

Developed in-house, our crawler obtains data efficiently and safely, drawing conclusions from the chaotic data

Forward-looking analysis algorithm

We have one of the most advanced forward-looking data analysis algorithms, 3D modeling and a thorough analysis of the data on the chain

GameFi and Metaverse need a neutral and impartial data analysis platform

This is where we come in

The metaverse is coming. In the world of the metaverse, an independent perspective, an impartial observation, neutral language, and objective analysis are needed. These are exactly what we can do. Black Forest Studio is committed to providing a clear and complete blockchain environment to the public.

We analyzed the "Farmers World" NFT game

We have developed the user growth model of the “Farmers World” NFT game, online user analysis charts, and analysis charts of data such as recharge/withdrawal. We also developed and analyzed the equipment growth rate, statistics and analysis charts on farmers’ coins (FWW, FWF, FWG). Sign up for more details.

Analysis and professional advice

The purpose of data analysis is to help users make decisions, which is why we provide professional advice during analysis.

Daily and weekly reports

We regularly issue daily and weekly reports and share recent data trends.


We are building a community of fans and players.

Automatic script of "Farmers World" available for free

We have developed an automatic script based on the back-end of “Farmers World”, which has been running safely for two months. The back-end technology has proven to be reliable. It automatically reconnects when disconnected and does not miss any chance to mine (make money). Compared with manually operating scripts, the revenue increased by 40%. Compared with other front-end scripts, the revenue increased by 15%.

Backend-based scripting advantages

The background script is safe and reliable and will not access your secret key and any personal data.

The probability of the background script disconnecting is low.

The development of such script required a substantial data analysis and interface protocol analysis. To date, our script is being used by hundreds of players.

Script features

The script supports running of multiple accounts. One server can run more than 50 accounts.

Background scripts are stable and efficient.

The script can easily manage multiple accounts. You only need to withdraw coins every day.

High-speed of script execution does not waste a second of your time.

Our Philosophy

We are a group of technology enthusiasts, who love blockchain technology and believe in its future. We have many years of experience in the industry and hope to use our expertise to change the world and make it a better place. We would like to make blockchain more transparent and trustworthy, so that even the skeptics do not doubt its potential.

Our aim

Focus on the GameFi field.  Study GameFi’s economic model and establish the economic theoretical foundation of the metaverse. Assist organizations and individuals with entering GameFi and the metaverse.